A tank truck carrying the chemical toluene overturned, causing a potentially dangerous spill. (NOAA)

Chemical Spills

Chemicals can be an important part of manufacturing valuable economic goods—but they can also create dangerous situations if accidentally released. OR&R develops several free tools, such as the CAMEO software suite, to help emergency responders and planners assess hazardous material releases and protect public health and safety.

Some of OR&R's more widely distributed chemical spill response tools include the CAMEO software suite (CAMEOfm, CAMEO Chemicals, ALOHA, and MARPLOT), a group of programs used by first responders and planners to help them prepare for and deal with hazmat emergencies. In addition, responders and planners can use the Chemical Reactivity Worksheet, a program that allows you to see what reactions might occur when pairs of chemicals are mixed together.

Emergency responders (as well as programmers developing tools for use with the CAMEO software suite) can find an assortment of helpful guides, software tools, and training information for addressing accidents involving the release of hazardous substances.