OR&R is building on decades of experience in Alaska to ensure the safety of Alaskan communities, ecosystems, and local economies while supporting a rising demand for maritime access and offshore development in the Arctic. Take a closer look at our diverse efforts in this part of the world.

After a hazardous material is released, NOAA carries out several critical processes that benefit communities and restore injured habitat.

Oil spills—ranging from just a few gallons to millions of barrels—occur in the U.S. all too often. In fact, NOAA responds to up to 150 oil spills nationwide each year.

Industrial activities have injured America’s river and coastal marine resources through hazardous releases, find out how NOAA works to protect and restore these valuable habitats.

Learn how scientists work together to identify injuries to natural resources resulting from oil spills and other hazardous releases.

April 10, 2017 - How do you return a dumpsite to productive wetlands? Read about our work at the Raleigh Street Dump Site in Florida and a recent award from the Environmental Protection Agency for restoration at the site.