Pacific Northwest ERMA

NOAA initially developed an ERMA® site for Washington's Puget Sound, in support of NOAA's Climate Assessment and Proactive Response Initiative (CAPRI). CAPRI is intended to help prepare for, mitigate, and adapt to climate change-related contaminant impacts, with Puget Sound as the pilot project. CAPRI links contaminant sources, climate scenarios, and vulnerability assessments within ERMA. This regional Pacific Northwest ERMA allows stakeholders and communities to visualize ecological, human use and infrastructure data in a centralized location. In addition, they will be able to create priorities based on potential vulnerabilities to predicted climate change conditions, as well as on the need for adaptive habitat restoration. The Pacific Northwest ERMA is also used for preparedness and training activities related to emergency response and damage assessment.


Pacific Northwest ERMA screenshot.

A view of shoreline classifications in Pacific Northwest ERMA.


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More Information about ERMA

The ERMA application is designed to:

  • Aid in spill preparedness and planning.
  • Assist in coordinating emergency response efforts and situational awareness for human and natural disasters.
  • Help define the extent of potential environmental impacts, supporting the Natural Resource Damage Assessment process.
  • Support ecological recovery and restoration efforts.
  • Provide access to this information from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Visualize data from a variety of sources, with the ability to include additional media such as photos and links to scientific reports.
  • Tell a story or reconstruct the history of an event using animated layers of information.

The application has been customized with specific data for 10 ERMA sites covering the United States and its territories. ERMA sites have secure-access accounts; however, publicly available environmental and baseline data are openly accessible for all regions.

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