Disaster Response Center

The NOAA Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center (DRC) is the newest addition to the Office of Response and Restoration. It brings together NOAA-wide resources to improve preparedness, planning, and response capacity for natural and manmade disasters along the Gulf Coast.

Located in Mobile, Ala., the center is focused on the five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The facility is designed to survive up to Category 5 hurricane winds, contains a Force-5 tornado shelter, and has backup power systems to continue operations in the midst of severe weather.

Intended to serve as a safe and ready command center during major disaster responses in the Gulf, the DRC also offers facilities for drills, trainings, workshops, and planning activities.

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Questions? Contact us at gomdrc@noaa.gov.

Although the NOAA Disaster Response Center plays a role in all phases of emergency management, preparedness is a primary focus.

Learn more about the different functions and training opportunities available at this center.

Join the National Ocean Service in a recent podcast as they visit the NOAA Disaster Response Center in Mobile, Alabama, to learn how this facility is equipped to serve as the central hub for environmental disaster coordination and response in the region.