Water Cycle Game

Ever wonder where the water you're drinking came from? Where those water molecules last were? With the roll of the dice, you can simulate the journey water molecules may take as they travel within the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle.

Diagram showing the water cycle.

Download the Water Cycle Game

The following three files are used to play the Water Cycle Game:

Water Cycle Game - Instructions [PDF, 90.4 KB]

Water Cycle Game - Game cubes [Zip, 2.8 MB]

Water Cycle Game - Station labels [Zip, 2.8 MB]

What Is the Water Cycle Game?

Water is constantly in motion. Sometimes it moves quickly, like in a fast-flowing river, but sometimes it moves quite slowly, as in underground aquifers. Appreciating the complexity of how water moves around, on a watershed scale, helps us understand how either dissolved contaminants, or those attached to particles, are transported throughout a watershed.

By role-playing as a molecule of water in this game, you can gain a better understanding for the true complexity of the movement of water. Here are the basic elements of the game:

  • Stations are set-up for each of nine different compartments of the water cycle.
  • On each turn, a roll of the dice at each station tells you where to move next.
  • Colored trackers record each person's unique journey through the water cycle to compare to others' journeys later on.
  • You will identify the states of water and when water changes states as it moves through its cycle.
  • You will also learn where pollutants can enter the water cycle, be transported around, or be left behind.

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