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Cornell-Dubilier Restoration Planning in New Jersey

FEBRUARY 24, 2017—Last month, trustees for the Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Superfund Site held a kick-off meeting for planning restoration in the Raritan River watershed that could compensate for natural resource injuries related to releases from this northern New Jersey site.

Electronic components were manufactured at the site from 1936 to 1962 and PCBs and other hazardous substances were released into adjacent waterbodies including Bound Brook, a tributary of the Lower Raritan River. The site was added to the National Priorities List in 1998 based in part on PCB concentrations in fish. A cleanup decision for the brook and its extensive floodplains was finalized in May of 2015. Over $25 million dollars has been recovered to date by the Trustees and the meeting was the beginning of the process of using these funds to compensate the public for the ecological and recreational losses that resulted from the contamination.

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Decrepit, old commercial building.
Electronic parts and components, including capacitors, were manufactured and transformer oils were tested at the Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Inc. facility from 1936 through 1962. (NOAA)