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Marine Debris and Spring Cleaning
people cleaning up site.
Earth Day cleanup crew at Gloucester Harbor. (Balf/Maritime Gloucester)

This Earth Month volunteers have been diving deep into tons, literally tons, of spring cleaning for our planet.

The NOAA Marine Debris Program staff kicked off Earth Day activities participating with the Gloucester community, including Maritime Gloucester and the Rozalia Project, organized cleanup efforts at Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. More than 70 volunteers picked up items such as, foam floats, wooden boards, and a tire, which made up several hundred pounds of the debris removed.

In Hawaii, the NOAA Marine Debris Program and a group of Girl Scout volunteers cleaned up local beaches and separated pieces of microplastics, found during their cleanup, to create art mosaics to help raise awareness about marine debris and the impact to the environment.

It is great to see communities come together in this effort across our planet to keep Earth and our oceans clean. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers that have helped clean up local beaches and waterways to leave behind a cleaner, healthier coastline.

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