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NRDA Workshop for Emergency Responders in Alaska

DECEMBER 9, 2016—OR&R organized, facilitated, and presented at a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Workshop for oil spill emergency responders in Alaska.

The objectives of the workshop were to provide training on NRDA to emergency response personnel and discuss priorities and opportunities for coordination between emergency response and NRDA. Attendees at the workshop included Federal and State On-Scene Coordinators from across Alaska, a range of emergency response personnel, and the Federal and State NRDA Trustees. The Trustees delivered training on the basics of the NRDA process, NRDA in the Incident Management System, Damage Assessment activities that may occur during an active emergency response, communications between NRDA and Response, and data management and sharing. The training led to productive discussion and concrete plans for improving coordination between Emergency Response and NRDA for oil spills in Alaska.

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