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OR&R Leads Alaska NRDA Drill and Data Management Training

MAY 20, 2016--OR&R and the NOAA Restoration Center led a tabletop drill and data management training for the Alaska Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) and Restoration trustees on May 18-19.

Participants in the drill and training included State and Federal agencies. The tabletop drill was led by staff from OR&R's Assessment and Restoration Division (ARD) and focused on science planning for NRDA ephemeral data collection in the event of an oil spill. The trustees determined and prioritized resources at risk, developed conceptual models for exposure and injury and drafted ephemeral data collection plans for chosen resource categories. The data management training was led by staff from the Spatial Data Branch and aimed to develop competence with standard data collection protocols and data management tools that are available to support NRDA in Alaska, including Arctic ERMA and DIVER. ARD and the Restoration Center led a field exercise that gave the trustees an opportunity to practice implementing ephemeral data collection guidelines, recording field data, using electronic data capture, working with data managers on data intake and processing, accessing data through DIVER and visualizing data through ERMA. The drill and training were an opportunity for the Alaska NRDA trustees to plan for coordinated and effective data collection and management in the event of an oil spill in Alaska.

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