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OR&R Presents on Tsunami Debris at the 2016 PICES Annual Meeting

NOVEMBER 18, 2016--On November 8 and 9, members of the project for “Assessing the Debris-Related Impact of Tsunamis” (ADRIFT) convened a session at the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) annual meeting.

The session included updates on the response to debris generated by the 2011 tsunami in Japan, shoreline monitoring and surveillance efforts, modeling the movement of debris, and the risk for the spread of non-indigenous species associated with the debris. The ADRIFT project is supported with funding from the Government of Japan's Ministry of the Environment. At the meeting, OR&R presentations were provided by Nancy Wallace and Sherry Lippiatt of the Marine Debris Division and Amy MacFadyen of the Emergency Response Division.

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Woman presenting in front of a large screen.
Nancy Wallace presents at the 2016 PICES Annual Meeting. (NOAA)