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Small Boat Safety Course

AUGUST 12, 2016--When you are heading back to port, should the green navigation marker be on your port or starboard side?

If you have taken the small boat training given to OR&R staff on August 11th, you would know the answer, and well as other important information that makes handling and travel in small boats safer and more pleasant. Shoreline survey, damage assessment, or just going from here to there during spill response often requires travel in small boats, and knowing the basics can go a long way to facilitate safe travel. US Coast Guard Auxiliary instructors professionally provided this "About Boating Safety" training to OR&R staff, and even got to join course participants for the lunch-time "Get to Know NOAA" event, where they met with Dr. Sullivan.

"Red Right Return" the saying goes, the green marker should be on the left (port) side, and OR&R staff is better prepared for travel in small boats.

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A woman with two men standing on either side.
Dr. Sullivan with USCG Auxiliary instructors Matthew Kirchner (left) and Mike Brough (right). (NOAA)