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Brief Introduction to Major Coastal Oil Spills

MARCH 2, 2020 — The NOAA/OR&R Scientific Support Coordinator in the Northeast, Steve Lehmann, organized and taught a one-day short course to approximately 100 responders and planners on Feb. 25 in New Hampshire.

The class, "A Brief Introduction to Major Coastal Oil Spills" was requested by both U.S. Coast Guard and state partners to introduce personnel to the difference between their typical response and a response to very large and complex events. The topics included: introductions to NRDA, oil fate and modeling, crisis communications, remote sensing and more. NOAA taught about half of the one-day class and facilitated all of it.  Students included U.S. Coast Guard (25%), students from all of coastal New England states (45%), other federal agencies (15%), industry (10%) and NGO/academia (5%). 

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