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Department of Commerce, Congressional Visit to NOAA Seattle Sand Point Campus

AUGUST 12, 2019 — On August 5, the Western Regional Center in Seattle was visited by a delegation of congressional travelers from Washington, D.C.  

Building complex along a lakefront.
NOAA Seattle Sand Point campus in an undated photo. Image credit: NOAA.

Two Senate Appropriations Committee staffer members, Matt Womble and Blaise Sheridan, and one House Appropriations Committee staff member, TJ Lowdermilk, were in attendance as well as Thomas Gilman, Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Commerce, and his Chief of Staff Kevin Preskenis.  Accompanying this group were Marc Seiler, NOAA’s CFO, Deirdre Jones, NOAA’s CAO, Stuart Levenbach, NOAA’s Chief of Staff, and Tanya Dobrzynski, Deputy Director, NOAA Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs.  The visit to the campus was to view all of the buildings and site condition as well as learn how the various line offices use the spaces on the campus.  OR&R conducted a tour of Building 3 and ended in the iconic “War Room” where Doug Helton and Michele Jacobi helped explain the national and regional aspects of the divisions in OR&R.  The delegation headed to Alaska sites the following day for more facility visits.  

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