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Disaster Preparedness Program Leads Great Shakeout Exercise

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 ─ Every year on the third Thursday in October, participants around the world practice earthquake safety during The Great Shakeout. On October 21st, OR&R’s Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) held two offerings of a virtual earthquake drill to take part in this event along with more than 15.9 million global participants.

Screen capture of 12 participants.
Photo, left to right from the top: Chris Melary, Savannah Turner, Kim Albins, Amy Holman, Scott Lundgren, Hillary Burgess, Caitlin Wessel with Franklin and Cooper, Kristen Laursen, Kate Wheelock with Sir Moochie Von Smalls, CAPT Jesse Stark, Jim Guyton with Nina, Rebecca Young, Geno Olmi with Avery, Nicole Harris, Jenny Dear, and Ellen Ku. Image credit: NOAA.

The DPP’s exercise was designed to bring awareness to earthquake preparedness in support of the upcoming National Level Exercise (NLE) 2022 that focuses on the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) located along the West Coast. This exercise was attended by more than 60 NOAA staff spanning all of the Line Offices as well as representation from Staff Offices.

During this preparedness activity, participants reviewed the proper actions to take when the earth begins to shake. They listened to a pre-recorded emergency alert asking them to DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON. Participants then moved to their safe space under a table or desk or next to a wall away from windows. Participants were then instructed to stay on their knees, bend forward to protect their vital organs, and cover their head and neck. They were also reminded to adapt their actions based on their own unique needs. 

After the exercise, everyone was encouraged to share their earthquake exercise experience with their teams. Whether or not you took part in the Great Shakeout this year, it’s important to take the time to review, practice, and update your earthquake safety plans with your family, friends, and team.

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