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Annual Marine Debris Removal Federal Funding Opportunity is Now Open

The NOAA Marine Debris Program is happy to announce that our annual marine debris removal federal funding opportunity (FFO) is now open.

This opportunity provides funding to support locally-driven, marine debris assessment and removal projects that will benefit coastal habitat, waterways, and NOAA trust resources. Funding for this purpose comes through the NOAA Marine Debris Program. Projects awarded through this grant competition implement on-the-ground marine debris removal activities, with priority for those targeting medium- large-scale debris, including derelict fishing gear. There is also a secondary priority for projects that conduct post-removal habitat monitoring to assess the beneficial impacts of debris removal. Through this solicitation NOAA fosters awareness of the effects of marine debris to further the conservation of living marine resource habitats, and contributes to the understanding of marine debris composition, distribution and impacts. The due date for proposals is October 14, 2016.