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The DRC Welcomes Clif Huff
Clif Huff stands in front if the R/V Cape Hatteras.
Clif Huff

Clif Huff is the newest member of NOAA's CO-OPS Gulf Coast Team at NOAA’s Disaster Response Center (DRC).

Originally from Georgia, Clif received his B.S. in Biology from Georgia College and State University (GCSU). While a student at GCSU, he worked on R/V Savannah carrying out biological sampling. Clif also studied abroad at Gerace Research Center in San Salvador, Bahamas where he learned about coral reef ecology. Clif later moved to Wilmington, NC and received an Associates of Applied Science in Marine Technology from Cape Fear Community College in 2016. As a student at CFCC, he attended multiple research cruises aboard the R/VCape Hatteras and R/VMartech. Earlier this summer, Clif moved to Mobile, AL. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, playing tennis, as well as crafting movie prop replicas. Clif is also an Eagle Scout.