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Sector Mobile Tests Their Continuity of Operations Plans at the DRC

Each year, prior to the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Sector Mobile and the NOAA Disaster Response Center (DRC) test their capabilities with a Continuity of Operations (COOP) exercise.

This year, the exercise was held on May 11 at the DRC. Approximately 80 USCG members participated in this six hour exercise designed to ensure connectivity and compatibility between systems. All of this is done prior to each year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season as just one preparedness effort. Making sure our systems are able to connect is vital in the event Sector Mobile needs to use the DRC as an alternate location prior to hurricane impacts. The USCG conducted their hotwash the day after, May 12, and the final After Action Report will be completed soon. Initial assessments indicated that the exercise was extremely effective and ran smoothly.

USCG members participating in the COOP exercise.
Exercise participants at NOAA's Disaster Response Center. Image credit: NOAA.