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Discovering Steps to Safeguard Our People and the Places They Live: A Climate Adaptation Training for Coastal Communities

Coastal communities need to be flexible enough to adapt to a changing climate. Unfortunately, many localities need help. The workshop, "A Climate Adaptation Training for Coastal Communities," provided audiences with strategies, actions, and tools to help adapt to a dynamic climate. Participants learned ways to protect their community and their citizens from potential problems caused by a changing climate. They gained information, tools, and strategies to help their areas successfully plan for a resilient future. Participants learned how to identify new or strengthen existing partnerships to take the necessary steps to safeguard the people and the places they live. This interactive, three-day workshop provided attendees with the skills and tools to identify and address planning priorities for meeting the needs of the community and its residents. Skilled instructors from NOAA's Office for Coastal Management lead all training sessions. After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the changes and variability in climate and its influence on coastal communities,
  • Understand key potential vulnerabilities in your community,
  • Discover ways to create plans and partnerships to help your community in the face of potential changes, and
  • Identify actions available to local governments that will help you include adaptation strategies into codes and planning efforts.

The targeted audiences for this workshop are land-use planners, coastal managers, public works staff, floodplain managers, hazard mitigation planners, emergency managers, local officials, municipal boards, community groups, and environmental organizations.

Participants complete the "Protect Your Egg" activity during the workshop.
Stefanie Favor, NOAA and Cassandra Johnson, Mississippi DEQ complete the "Protect Your Egg" activity.