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2016 NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour
Image of the NOAA Hurricane Hunters plane.
NOAA Hurricane Hunters plane.

The 2016 NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour made five stops this year—with one being in Mobile, Alabama, on May 19.

The goal of this tour is to educate the public about weather safety and preparedness. The Disaster Response Center (DRC) helped teach visitors about all-hazards preparedness, coastal resilience, and marine debris. The day kicked off with approximately 400 school-age students touring a C-130, a Coast Guard helicopter, and the NOAA Hurricane Hunters plane. In the afternoon, the tour was open to the general public. Other participants included the NOAA Mobile-Pensacola Weather Forecast Office, the U.S. Coast Guard, the University of South Alabama, Mobile County Emergency Management Agency, as well as Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency. With the start of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season on June 1, 2016, it's vital people are knowledgeable, prepared, and #hurricanestrong!