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The DRC Welcomes Sean Toungate

Sean Toungate is the newest member of NOAA's CO-OPS Gulf Coast Team at NOAA's Disaster Response Center (DRC).

After graduating high school, Sean went to ECPI and took Computer Maintenance and then joined the United States Air Force and served during the first Gulf War as an Electro-Environmental specialist on KC 135 tanker refuel aircraft, and B-52 Bombers, during which time he studied Aerospace technologies in the CCAF. Sean worked as an Industrial, Commercial, and residential Electrician for many years, most times working into running, and/or directing troubleshooting crews. He also owned and operated my own contraction business for 7 years in Charlotte, NC. Eventually Sean went to work for Woods Hole Group Inc. in Dover, DE where he became familiar with PORTS systems, ATONS, and NWLON stations. After 4 ½ years working for WHG, Sean was approached by REMSA to work in Chesapeake, VA as an in-house contractor and has been there for the last 3 years working on the Great Lakes Team, and working on a Mechatronics degree. Sean has a distinct enjoyment for Church, scuba diving, puzzles, reading, and learning the guitar. He truly enjoys what he does—that’s a rare thing these days. He is proud to work for such an amazing organization, as well as wonderful and professional people.