Query Manager

Query Manager is a database standard and query tool that can be used to access sediment, tissue, water, and oil chemistry results, as well as sediment and water toxicity data. Query Manager organizes data sets from multiple studies into a consistent and standardized structure, which improves data delivery and facilitates interpretation, mapping, and analysis.

Users can sort and examine data in a variety of ways by selecting from a menu of pre-programmed queries. These queries allow you to evaluate individual contaminants and contaminant groups, make comparisons to common toxicological benchmarks, calculate totals, and apply toxicity models.

After completing your query, Query Manager produces summary data tables in several formats. We have designed these data tables to facilitate further analysis in spreadsheets or statistical software programs. Data outputs from the Query Manager desktop application can be mapped in the companion mapping software (MARPLOT 3.0 series), or exported to common open standard GIS formats, including ESRI shapefiles and KML (for ArcGIS and Google Earth) for further mapping and analysis.

Accessing Query Manager

Visit the download page for the Query Manager application and data and map files.

Questions: Contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for Query Manager.