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Examining the Emergency and Environmental Response Systems Interface

MAY 16, 2022 – On April 27, OR&R Director Scott Lundgren joined officials from Department of Commerce and others from the federal interagency to take part in a component of the National Level Exercise (NLE) 2022, an exercise that also incorporates a declared Spill of National Significance exercise. 

Logo representing the Spill of National Significance Exercise Series. Image Credit: USCG.

This event specifically looked at the interactions of a catastrophic natural disaster response with that of a nationally-significant spill response, exercising the tenets captured in the Oil and Chemical Incident Annex to the Response and Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plans.

FEMA’s National Level Exercise 2022 web page provides more details on the exercise and its component series of webinars, seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, and senior officials exercises. More information on the Spill of National Significance topic is available from the National Response Team. 

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