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Fifth Annual ELI-Stetson Wetlands Workshop in Florida
Group posing on a beach.
Participants in the Fifth Annual ELI-Stetson Wetlands Workshop in Gulfport, Florida. Image credit: Stetson University College of Law.

NOVEMBER 17, 2017— On November 9, Dr. Michel Gielazyn (OR&R Assessment and Restoration Division) and Christina Storz (NOAA General Counsel) participated in the Fifth Annual ELI-Stetson Wetlands Workshop in Gulfport, Florida.

This year’s theme was Conserving the Coasts: The State of Marine Ecosystems and Coastal Compensatory Mitigation. The day started with a field trip to aquatic restoration sites at Fort DeSoto Park and a potential restoration site near downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The remaining workshop featured talks such as Status and Conservation of Reefs, Mangroves, and Seagrasses and Using Compensatory Mitigation to Offset Coastal Wetland Impacts. Workshop speakers from Stetson University and Stetson Law, Charles Sturt University in Australia, University of South Florida, Tampa Estuary Program, City of St. Petersburg, and Christina gave presentations that sparked productive discussions. 

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