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Hawai‘i Marine Debris Action Plan Hosts First-Of-Its-Kind Research to Education Workshop

JUNE 10, 2024 —On May 29, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i groups conducting work on marine debris prevention, removal, and research gathered to discuss consistent messaging and how to relay scientific information to the public. The NOAA Marine Debris Program’s Pacific Islands Communications and Outreach Coordinator and Regional Coordinator hosted the Hawai‘i Marine Debris Action Plan (HIMDAP) Research to Education Workshop. The HIMDAP is composed of stakeholders from a range of organizations, such as NGOs, academia, state and federal government and more. Many of the involved stakeholders educate about marine debris frequently, and it's important to ensure that the information given is accurate.

The Research to Education Workshop was a comprehensive event featuring three distinct sessions. The first session delved into the topic of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the second focused on coral health and microplastics, and the third explored various disposal options for marine debris. In each session, a presentation was given by a Hawai‘i-based researcher on the topic and their research. Participants were divided into groups, given a specific demographic (i.e., 3rd-grade students, fishers, the public at a tabling event) and then tasked with developing a plan of how to engage their demographic on the topic presented. Participants brainstormed and worked together to come up with engaging and interesting ways to present the information they had just learned. After creating plans, the groups shared their ideas with the rest of the group before the next session began.

Participants’ feedback underlined the workshop’s success, emphasizing the workshop as a great learning opportunity for discovering new marine debris research being conducted in Hawai‘i, a fun networking event, and a brainstorming session to work with new people and learn about other marine debris work happening in the state. The NOAA Marine Debris Program hopes to bring the workshop to other stakeholders on the other Hawaiian islands over the next year and continue to discuss consistent messaging based on current research.

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