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History of Oil and Oil Spills at Louisiana State University

OCTOBER 7, 2019 — Gary Shigenaka, an OR&R biologist, was invited to present to the College of the Coast and Environment (CC&E) at Louisiana State University on the history of oil and oil spills.

Five people posing for photo.
Current Louisiana State University chemistry support scientists, Tyler Mauney and Laura Basirico; former Louisiana State University chemist and NOAA Scientific Support Coordinator, and current OR&R Disaster Response Center director Charlie Henry, OR&R biologist Gary Shigenaka, and Professor Emeritus Ed Overton. Image credit: NOAA.

The CC&E Seminar Series is diverse seminar series that serves to scientifically educate the CC&E community by inviting speakers from a variety of disciplines and career levels. A second goal of the CC&E Seminar Series is to promote interactions and collaborations between members of CC&E and between CC&E members and scientists from other institutions.

The talk covered the difficulty of separating the history of oil from the history of oil spills, and why understanding these histories can improve how we respond to oil spills in the future. The Emergency Response Division within OR&R has a long association and working relationship with Louisiana State University, and chemists at CC&E provide support during oil and chemical spills. 

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Man speaking next to a lectern.
OR&R biologist Gary Shigenaka. Image credit: NOAA.
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