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Literature Review on the Effects of Pollution on Marine Organisms Published

OCTOBER 28, 2019 — The 2018 literature review on the Effects of Pollution on Marine Organisms, authored by three OR&R scientists and partners, has been published in the October 2019 issue of Water Environment Research.

Thousands of journal papers are published annually on the effects of pollutants on marine organisms. This review covers approximately 200 selected journal papers on ecological effects of oil spills (Nicolle Rutherford) and toxicity of oil and dispersants (Matt Bissell) as well as effects of Marine Debris (Courtney Arthur, Industrial Economics Inc.), other polluting activities including dredging, dumping, fisheries and aquaculture impacts, light and acoustic pollution, (Michelle Ann Morrison, Exponent Inc.) and biomarkers (Mary Ann Remple-Hester, Aquatic Toxicology Support). Focus is on effects, not sources, fate, or transport) and it is intended to be an entree into current literature, not a thorough review of all that was published in 2018. The paper includes a memoriam to the late Dr. Donald J. Reish who started this annual review over 50 years ago. It also acknowledges the valuable assistance of two NOAA Librarians, Brian Voss of the Seattle NOAA Library and Clara Salazar of the NOAA Montlake Fisheries Library.

The review article is one of many topical reviews in the October issue of Water Environment Research. All are free access at

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