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ERMA Deepwater Gulf Response

Following the settlement of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, all the data and bookmarked map views were integrated into the existing regional Gulf of Mexico ERMA® site. The data are preserved and organized in a Deepwater Horizon MC 252 folder in the table of contents on the Gulf of Mexico ERMA site.

Additionally, we have preserved links between the ERMA Deepwater Gulf Response site and Gulf of Mexico ERMA site. This means that if you try and go to a saved link or bookmark to the old site you will be notified and redirected to the Gulf of Mexico ERMA site with the appropriate layers turned on.

This migration helps preserve the Deepwater Horizon Response and Damage Assessment data and allows users to follow restoration planning and projects into the future. The Gulf of Mexico ERMA application is actively maintained and is used for current activities occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.

ERMA Gulf of Mexico screen shot.
ERMA Deepwater Gulf Response website has moved.