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ESI Availability

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) atlases are available for most of the coastal regions of the United States, along with a few international locations. (Each ESI atlas is a regional collection of several smaller ESI maps.) ESI maps and data are available for download or can be ordered on CD/DVD.

Click on the regional links at the top or bottom of this page to see:

  • Areas that have ESI atlases on CD/DVD, and what formats are available for each atlas.
  • Metadata (information about the data) for each atlas.
  • List of maps included in each atlas (using ESI indexes).
  • Overview fact sheets for each atlas CD/DVD.

Status of Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) mapping for regions in the United States.

More Information about ESI Maps

Anatomy of ESI Maps: Learn about the basic elements of ESI maps, including the types of information that are mapped.

ESI Toolkit: Browse a collection of resources for ESI users.

Questions: Contact us with questions about ESI map availability.