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Order ESI Maps and GIS Data

NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration provides Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps and GIS data in several formats that you can order on CD/DVD. A nominal cost for these products covers materials and shipping.

ESI maps and data are also available for download at no cost.

Instructions for Ordering ESIs

  1. Review the ESI availability page to find out what areas have ESI atlases and the formats that are available. (Some formats aren't available for all atlases.)
  2. Decide on the ESI maps/atlases and formats that you want.
  3. Use the ESI Atlas CD/DVD Order Form [PDF, 96.87 KB] to purchase CDs/DVDs of ESI data, including PDF versions that you can print. Unless otherwise noted on the form, each disk contains a regional collection of ESI maps in PDF format, GIS data in multiple formats, programs to view and query the data, and ESI guidance documents.

Questions: Contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions about ESI maps.