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Marine Debris Program Addresses Microfibers in California

NOVEMBER 23, 2020 — On November 17, the Marine Debris Program (MDP) and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation sponsored a half-day virtual workshop California Microfiber Workshop: Science, Innovation & Connection

The workshop was hosted by the sustainable textiles consultancy Materevolve, LLC. More than 85 participants represented industry, science, and policy perspectives on the emerging and complex issue of microfiber pollution. The workshop sessions covered an overview of the California microfiber landscape (including state legislative mandates to develop a microplastics strategy and to develop a standard for microplastics in drinking water), the latest microfiber research from the ocean science and textile science fields, and innovations in microfiber capture and textile chemistry to prevent shedding.

California Regional Coordinator Sherry Lippiatt provided an overview of the MDP's interest and mandates related to microfibers, and six MDP team members provided facilitation and note-taking support to the breakout groups. A comprehensive workshop report will be available in early 2021.

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