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Marine Debris Program Announces Washington Marine Debris Action Plan

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 — On September 4, the NOAA Marine Debris Program and Washington State partners released the Washington Marine Debris Action Plan.

Cover of a report showing individuals carrying bags of marine debris.
The cover of the Washington State Marine Debris Action Plan. Image credit: Heidi Walker.

Since the 1970’s, numerous organizations in Washington State have been working diligently to reduce marine debris. To address it more collaboratively and effectively, marine debris partners representing over 40 entities - federal and state agencies, Tribes, NGOs, academia, and industry - created the Washington Marine Debris Action Plan, now available on-line. This action plan joins similar recently-completed plans in Oregon and California.

The action plan has four goals: prevention, removal, research, and coordination, as well as strategies to support these goals. Under each strategy, the plan lists a number of actions that are currently on-going, and future actions that the partners identified as essential to address gaps.

Creating the action plan involved two workshops and numerous drafts and reviews, a process that was as collaborative as it was productive. Facilitated by the NOAA Marine Debris Program and relying on all partners for content and contribution, the plan and actions within it will serve to facilitate and track marine debris activities in Washington State for years to come.

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