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Marine Debris Program Attends the Clean Ocean Summit

DECEMBER 9, 2019 — On November 18 and 19, the Marine Debris Program’s Northeast Regional Coordinator, Demi Fox, participated in Clean Foundation’s Clean Ocean Summit 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Letters that spell "Canada" outdoors.
The Clean Ocean Summit took place in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Image credit: NOAA.

Demi presented an update on the recently released Gulf of Maine Marine Debris Action Plan and, along with several Canadian partners in attendance, provided information on the formation and implementation of the Action Plan.

The Summit aimed to produce a one-year plan that participating members can work toward until the group gathers together again at the Clean Ocean Summit 2020. Demi served on Clean Foundation’s Fishing Gear Working Group and assisted in tying actions in the Nova Scotian plan to actions in the Gulf of Maine Marine Debris Action Plan.

For more information, please contact Demi Fox at

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