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Marine Debris Program Attends MIT’s Water Summit

DECEMBER 9, 2019 — On November 21, the Marine Debris Program’s Northeast Regional Coordinator, Demi Fox, served on a panel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Water Summit.

People posing with a banner for photo.
Panelists, moderator, and organizers for the MIT Water Summit Health and Ecological Impacts panel. Image credit: MIT.

This year, the Summit’s theme was Drowning in Plastic. The event featured keynote speakers from the Rozalia Project and MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative, as well as a variety of panel presentations focusing on topics such as plastics’ lifecycle, policy, and remediation.

Demi, alongside Karen Simpson, Southern New England Program Coordinator for EPA Region I, and John Scott, Senior Analytical Chemist at the University of Illinois, participated in the health and ecological impacts panel. The speakers provided updates on plastics research priorities, methods to communicate challenges to students and the public, and programs that are currently in place to help mitigate the problem. The panel then took questions from the audience, consisting of both MIT students and other interested Summit attendees.

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