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Marine Debris Program Attends Recreational Crabber Outreach Event

AUG. 15, 2022 — On Aug. 3, 2022, NOAA Marine Debris Program Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Katie Morgan attended an outreach event in Fenwick Island, Delaware, organized by Delaware Sea Grant. 

A person repairing a crab pot.
A graduate student from the University of Delaware helps to repair a crab pot for an event attendee. Image Credit: NOAA.

This event educated local recreational crabbers about ghost fishing and taught them how to properly rig their crab pots to reduce bycatch, safeguard their pots, and keep Delaware’s waters safe. 

Over the course of two hours, recreational crabbers were invited to bring their crab pots to their community pavilion. There, officials from Delaware Sea Grant, University of Delaware, and Delaware Center for Inland Bays talked with crabbers about their crabbing experience, and any concerns or questions they had about their pots. Officials then reviewed the crab pots, repaired them where possible, installed bycatch reduction devices, and updated sink lines and buoys. 

In total, over 20 community members attended this event and had their recreational crab pots upgraded and repaired.

This project is part of a Marine Debris Program removal grant to the University of Delaware, “Assessing and Removing Derelict Crab Pots from a Recreational Fishery in Delaware.”

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