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Marine Debris Program Chief Scientist Featured on NOAA Ocean Podcast

OCTOBER 5, 2020 — On September 30, the National Ocean Service published a two-part NOAA Ocean Podcast featuring Marine Debris Program (MDP) Chief Scientist, Dr. Amy V. Uhrin.

In the first episode, Amy and Ed Johnson, a physical scientist with the Mussel Watch program, are interviewed about an MDP-funded study that asks: what if mussels could be used to learn more about microplastic pollution in our waterways? NOAA already runs a program that uses mussels and oysters to monitor chemical contaminants in our coastal waterways and Great Lakes. It's called the Mussel Watch program. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into Mussel Watch to also learn more about plastics in our environment?

In the second episode, Amy and Ed discuss their study with a walk-through of the scientific method. Hear how unexpected results are often part of the scientific process — and how conducting a study in the field with living organisms is so challenging.

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