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Marine Debris Program Chief Scientist Participates in National Academies of Science Workshop

FEBRUARY 3, 2020 — On January 27-28, the Marine Debris Program’s Chief Scientist, Amy V. Uhrin, participated in the National Academies of Science workshop, Emerging Technologies to Advance Research and Decisions on the Environmental Health Effects of Microplastics held in Washington, D.C.

Six people seated on one side of a table.
Panelists at the National Academies of Science workshop on microplastics. Amy Uhrin is third from left. Image credit: Meredith Seeley, VIMS.

Together with researchers from the European Union, U.S. academia and other U.S. federal agencies, Amy served on a panel associated with Session 1: Understanding the Prevalence of Microplastics in the Environment. The panel discussed critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of micro- and nanoplastics and their associated chemicals; methodological and analytical barriers; and standardization of terminology, methods, reference materials and test materials.

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