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The Marine Debris Program Digital Year in Review

FEBRUARY 8, 2019 — The Marine Debris Program released an internal report analyzing their fiscal year 2018 digital presence.

The report serves as a snapshot of traffic to the Program’s website, blog, social media, and monthly newsletter throughout the fiscal year. This data analysis helps the Program to better identify where visitors are spending their time, what information they are interested in learning, and how the Program is performing on each platform. The report showed that content related to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch received the greatest traffic on the Program’s website, while visitors to the blog were searching for more time-sensitive information related to grant funding and awards.

Moving forward, the Marine Debris Program’s communications team plans to use this information as a strategic guide, as they continue to improve content and extend the Program’s digital audience.

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Last updated Friday, June 14, 2019 2:56pm PDT