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Marine Debris Program Invited to Present Again to Virginia Elementary School

JAN. 31, 2022 — On Jan. 13, NOAA Marine Debris Program’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Katie Morgan provided a virtual presentation and Q&A session to more than 120 fifth grade students across six classrooms at Spring Hill Elementary School in Virginia.

The NOAA MDP presented at the school last year, and was invited back again this year. The classes had been learning about ocean currents, and Katie worked with Alexandria Brake, the MDP’s communications and education specialist, to tailor the presentation to the students’ learning needs. The interactive session focused on three overarching questions: what is marine debris, why does it matter, and what action can be taken. 

Fortunately, the presentation intersected nicely with a project that the students are working on, where they have to figure out how to inform the public about the issue of marine debris. After the event, one of the teachers shared that the event was very informative and helped the return to school this year feel more like normal.

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