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Marine Debris Program Participates in 10-Year Remembrance of 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

March 22, 2021 — On March 11, the NOAA Marine Debris Program’s (MDP) Pacific Island Regional Coordinator Mark Manuel, participated as a panelist in the 2011 Japan Earthquake and its Tsunami: A 10-Year Remembrance Special Event for Internal NOAA staff in the Pacific Islands Region.

For the 10-year remembrance (March 11, 2011) of this devastating event, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) and Pacific Islands Regional Engagement Committee hosted a viewing of a 45-minute documentary about this disaster, ”National Geographic’s Witness: Disaster in Japan.” The film consists entirely of video shot as the disaster unfolded, shown in sequence, and in near real-time, first with the earthquake, then the tsunami, and then the aftermath in the following days. Following the viewing was a panel discussion by individuals who worked to mitigate and understand this tragic event as it unfolded and in its aftermath. Other panelist included:

  • Cindi Preller, NOAA/PTWC, on duty at NTWC during this tsunami.
  • Nathan Becker, NOAA/PTWC, on duty at PTWC during this tsunami.
  • Jessica Bohlander, NOAA/Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, emergency response coordinator for field staff in the NWHI during the tsunami event.
  • David Phillips, USGS/Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, conducted post-tsunami LIDAR surveys in Japan at locations of tsunami eyewitness video recordings when he was with UNAVCO.
  • Moderator: Leon Geschwind, NOAA/Inouye Regional Center.

Mark provided a general overview of the MDP and OR&R role in managing the goodwill gift from the Japan Government, the modeling done with GNOME, and MDMAP shoreline monitoring and debris tracing in collaboration with the Consulate of Japan.

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