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Marine Debris Program Participates in the Alaska Net Hack Challenge

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 — On September 8, Peter Murphy, Alaska Regional Coordinator for the Marine Debris Program, presented at the inaugural Alaska Net Hack Challenge in Anchorage, with remote participation from Kodiak.

Various marine debris items.
Fishing nets used during the Alaska Net Hack Challenge. Image credit: NOAA.

Net hacks, first executed in Europe and more recently in the United States, are events where participants work in teams to devise new and interesting solutions and uses for a challenging problem – in this case what to do with retired or derelict fishing nets. The Alaska event was the product of a collaboration between Net Your Problem, a partner focused on net recycling and reuse, and the Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative, a group working to develop new opportunities in the blue economy in Alaska.  Peter provided an overview of marine debris sources, impacts, composition, and actions, and offered input during brainstorming. 

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