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Marine Debris Program Participates in Arctic Marine Litter Workshop
Group of people posing for picture with mountains in background.
Workshop group photo taken at local Akureyri landfill site during tour of local environmental initiatives. Image credit: Hjalti Hreinsson, PAME.

JUNE 15, 2018 — On June 5 and 6, the NOAA Marine Debris Program joined with representatives from around the world at the Arctic Marine Litter Workshop in Akureyri, Iceland. 

This workshop, held by the Arctic Council Protecting the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) working group, brought together subject-matter experts from across Arctic states and beyond to discuss the state of marine litter science in the Arctic. Over the course of two days, experts shared presentations on key topics and engaged in discussions to highlight key knowledge gaps, opportunities, and recommendations. Peter Murphy, the Alaska Regional Coordinator for the Marine Debris Program, presented on observed arctic-specific debris impacts as well as key needs and potential actions. The outputs of the workshop will be integrated into a desktop study already underway, as well as long-term action planning by the Arctic Council.

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