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Marine Debris Program Participates in Trash Talk “Live” Event

AUGUST 31, 2020 — On September 2, Christy Kehoe, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator, and Sherry Lippiatt, California Regional Coordinator, alongside Kathryn Youngblood, Citizen Science Director of the Marine Debris Tracker with the University of Georgia, will participate in a “Live” TRASH TALK from Baltimore, Maryland, moderated by Symone Barkely, host of Ocean Today. 

This free, one-hour webinar for students, educators, and parents will explore the challenges and successes of keeping our rivers, bays and ocean free of marine debris. You'll also learn actions you can take in your own community to help make a difference in this global problem. 

During the event, you will:

  • Learn what marine debris is and common sources of it.
  • Learn about the Pacific Garbage Patch and how ocean currents capture ocean trash. 
  • Learn about microplastics and the impacts they have on animals and habitats. 
  • Watch clips from a Hands on Demo designed to help build compassion for animals who accidentally consume or get caught up in marine debris.
  • Get inspired to take action in your daily life to help free the seas of marine debris by collecting trash in your community and recording it in the Marine Debris Tracker App.
  • AND...have an opportunity to get your questions answered live by NOAA experts!

Join NOAA Ocean Today and the Marine Debris Program this full moon, starting at 4 pm EDT, Wednesday, September 2! You can register on the Ocean Today website

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