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Marine Debris Program Presents to Amazon Lab126

NOV. 25, 2019 — On Nov. 19, Sherry Lippiatt, California regional coordinator for the Office of Response and Restoration Marine Debris Program, presented as part of the Amazon Lab126 seminar series. Lab126 is Amazon's research and development team that designs and engineers Amazon devices. About 150 people attended the seminar, which was co-hosted by Amazon's Sustainability Ambassadors who are working to green the Sunnyvale, California campus and build a culture of zero-waste events. Sherry's presentation included an overview of the sources and prevalence of plastic packaging waste, the general state of the science on marine debris, federal government mandates and efforts, and initiatives and other solutions that are being implemented in the state.

Attendees were particularly interested in a variety of marine debris related topics, including biodegradable plastics, items manufactured from plastics recovered from the environment, the state of plastic recycling, open-ocean cleanup, and ways to reduce your individual impact as a consumer. Lab126 is pursuing implementing a corporate-sponsored beach cleanup program.

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