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Marine Debris Program Presents at MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative Workshop

JUNE 29, 2020 — On June 18 and 19, Nancy Wallace, chief of the Marine Debris Division, participated in a virtual workshop hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Environmental Solutions Initiative.

Slide showing text and photo of marine debris on a beach.
Nancy Wallace gave a presentation titled “Federal Efforts to Reduce the Impacts of Marine Plastic Pollution in the United States.” Image credit: NOAA.

This “Plastics and the Environment: Science Meets Public Policy” workshop convened scientists, policy makers, non-profit organizations, and the business community to discuss the issue of mitigating the environmental harms of plastic pollution. ” Participants explored opportunities for policy makers and  scientists to inform each other’s challenges and questions on plastic use, design, disposal and recycling.

Nancy participated on one panel and in two breakout sessions with representatives from academia, non-profits, and Congressional staff. She shared information about national policy making efforts to reduce the impacts of marine debris and plastic pollution. 

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