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Marine Debris Program Presents at the National Marine Educators Association 2021 Virtual Conference

JULY 19, 2021 ─ On July 14, the Marine Debris Program Education Specialist, Alexandria Brake, and Northeast Regional Coordinator, Demi Fox, led a workshop at the National Marine Educators Association 2021 Virtual Conference.

Colored-pencil drawing of a squid in a debris-filled ocean, with text reading "Keep the sea free of debris.
Participating in the NOAA Marine Debris Program annual Marine Debris Art Contest is just one of the ways students and educators can be a part of the solution to marine debris. Image credit: Krishi P., Grade 6, South Carolina.

Educators attended their “Litter Lessons: Place-Based Marine Debris Education Using Citizen Science” workshop. They learned about the global marine debris issue, citizen science efforts the Marine Debris Program facilitates, and the educational resources the Program can offer their students. The educators “sorted” marine debris Alexandria and Demi displayed in the presentation. Workshop participants analyzed what they found and thought of ways to visualize their data and share messages that could inspire the students they teach and the communities they work in.

The Marine Debris Program looks forward to continuing to advance the ways we can work with teachers and inspire students in a virtual environment.

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