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Marine Debris Program Proudly Presents 2018 Accomplishments
Report cover.
The 2018 NOAA Marine Debris Program Accomplishments Report. Image credit: NOAA.

OCTOBER 26, 2018 — On October 16, the Marine Debris Program released its 2018 Accomplishments Report.

The Report highlights key achievements by the Program and its partners during the 2018 fiscal year, with a focus on the Program’s five core goals: prevention, removal, research, regional coordination, and emergency response. It also features the Marine Debris Program’s leadership in significant international events, including the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference and the Ocean Plastics Lab. In addition to capturing FY18 achievements, the Report profiles newly-funded FY19 projects in removal, prevention, and research. The Program is grateful to be doing this important work and looks forward to the year ahead!

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