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Marine Debris Program Releases the 2020-2025 Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan

JANUARY 27, 2020 — On January 22, the Marine Debris Program released the 2020-2025 Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan.

This document is the result of a productive and collaborative effort between the MDP and international and regional partners, including representatives from governments, non-profits, academia, and the private sector. 

Throughout the Great Lakes, numerous organizations work to address marine debris through education, prevention, removal, and research efforts. The Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan (Action Plan) establishes a comprehensive framework for strategic action to help ensure the Great Lakes and its coasts, people, and wildlife are free from the impacts of marine debris. 

Using feedback from the previous 2014-2019 Action Plan, the MDP solicited stakeholder input to the Action Plan through a workshop. Following the workshop, the draft Action Plan was distributed to both attendees and the wider Great Lakes marine debris community for additional feedback and to provide further opportunity to volunteer to participate in action strategies. 

Thirty-nine partners committed to a total of 47 actions. Going forward, the MDP will support partners’ actions by assisting with tasks where possible, tracking progress, identifying gaps and potential solutions, and sharing relevant news and resources.

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