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A New Look for OR&R's Website

FEBRUARY 8, 2019 —Vicki Loe, OR&R outreach lead; Alyssa Dillon, OR&R web editor; and Seumas Gagne, OR&R webmaster, are pleased to announce that we have completed the development and launch of a new Drupal theme for

For those unfamiliar, a Drupal theme determines the look and feel of a site, and can be changed without the need to start a new site from scratch.

Our new theme emphasizes alignment with NOS and NOAA visual presentation ideas, simplicity, and the idea that our visitors should have essentially the same experience viewing our site on a phone as on their desktop computer.

Easy access to content for the emergency response community has also been a priority with key software products placed prominently on the home page.

Check out our new image gallery presentation (look under Resources), the engaging parallax scrolling images on the home page and interior navigation pages, and easy access to news stories related to the part of the site you are viewing. (See “Related Articles” on interior pages.)

We have also moved the “OR&R Where We Work” map right up onto the home page. Zero clicks required to access that extensive information about what OR&R does!

If you encounter any difficulty using the site or would like to comment, please let us know through the web site survey form here: so we can keep any feedback items organized in the same channel.

For further information, contact

Last updated Friday, June 14, 2019 2:55pm PDT