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New Publication - Book chapter, 'Oil Spills in the Arctic'

MAY 9, 2022 — OR&R toxicologist and Alaska regional resource coordinator, Sarah Allan, co-authored a book chapter, Oil Spills in the Arctic, in a recently published book, Arctic One Health, Challenges for Northern Animals and People (Morten Tryland eds.).

A graphic of oil impacts in an ecosystem.

The chapter is a review of current scientific knowledge about oil spills in the Arctic, including a brief history of spills in the region; how oil spills impact Arctic environments, animals, and people, regional spill prevention, preparedness, response and restoration issues, and future risks. The book chapter includes references, experiences, and graphics from many NOAA and OR&R scientists, past and present, who have contributed to developing our understanding of how oil spills impact unique Arctic environments. Oil spills are just one of the many challenges that the Arctic region faces, and the chapter is part of a book that covers a wide range of topics, with the objective of providing a broad view that supports more holistic decision making.

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Update: “Arctic One Health, Challenges for Northern Animals and People” is now available as an e-book through NOAA Central Library.

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