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NOAA DIVER Application (Data Integration Visualization Exploration and Reporting) Features New Dashboard

NOV. 3, 2017 — NOAA is pleased to announce the release of a new dashboard providing direct access to the toxicity testing details and results from the program developed by trustees to evaluate the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Screen capture of a table with a graph superimposed.
Deepwater Horizon Toxicity Testing Program Results in DIVER Dashboard.

The trustees testing program included more than 40 species of fish, aquatic invertebrates, phytoplankton, and reptiles. The life stages included in the testing program ranged from gamete to adults, and represent a range of habitats. The studies additionally used several contaminant exposure routes and a large suite of toxicological endpoints. More than 25 principal investigators from collaborating university, government and private laboratories and consultants conducted these studies, which include over 600 bioassays and chemical characterizations. 

The toxicity dashboard within the NOAA DIVER application (Data Integration Visualization Exploration and Reporting) presents users with the ability to filter by key fields such as species, endpoints, life stages, and test parameters, and view data and graphs including concentration-response analysis. Users can also download complete data from the dashboard including modeled and observed results, supplemental information on test conditions, and full metadata.

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Deepwater Horizon Toxicity Testing Program Results for download in DIVER Dashboard.
Last updated Jun. 14, 2019